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Climate Change and your personal response

The world is so big and I am so small. This is one thing that crosses our minds when we think about climate change. That very thought can lull us into inactivity. because there is, well, just no point. 'After all, what difference can I possibly make?' To help you deal with this , um, let's call it 'significance deficit' we would do well to remember just two things 1. While a successful response to the climate situation will require government, corporate, philanthropic and individual interventions, you personally can have a role in each of those layers: You vote for governments, and so exert power there; you buy from companies, and so exert power there; you can give just five dollars to a climate cause, making you a small time philanthropist; and, you can take individual actions like riding your bike to work, instead of driving. So when you drill down on it, you are important. 2. It also might help if you make a conscious decision to see reporting on the climate emergency not as a bad news, but as just something that needs to be addressed. This brings it into line with other problems that we face and deal with all the time. For example, if a doctor says to you that you have high cholesterol, you do not think of it as bad news, as such. You see it is a reason to cut down on the fried foods and to eat a bit better. So, they are two ways to look afresh at the news you will increasingly see about increasing temperatures and melting icecaps etcetera. Take it in, and don't overthink it. Lean in and not back , and help the world and get on with the big fix!
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