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Old car

Our 18 year old crashed another car the other day, and it is a write off. Basically, it will cost $6,000 to fix it, but it will cost $5,000 to just replace it by buying another one of the same model and age. But I will pay to have it fixed anyway, for this reason: In 10 years time virtually all cars will be electric; The less new cars that need to be built/ bought in the interim, the better, because new cars have a carbon footprint of about six tonnes; Saving this car might prevent the need for another one to be bought/built. I want to go overseas in a couple of years, and my carbon footprint for the holiday will be about 6 tonnes. By saving the car, I will have offset my overseas trip for a cost of $1,000. This idea is that we need to think about our personal footprint and offsets, and not just leave it to companies to think about this for us. Please post any other ideas, below, that you might have as to how I can offset my personal carbon footprint.(when this idea goes to the All Ideas page in one week). Thank you.
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