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Jingoism - and how to fix it

Jingoism is when people are so passionate about their own country, that they treat it like their football team. It is good for governments, because when people feel strongly in favour of their country versus others, they tend to support their current government. Jingoism is an extension of the human instinct toward tribalism. It can be amplified by propaganda and circumstance. One circumstance that is well known to heighten jingoism is war. This is why, for example, George Bush Junior wanted to go to war in Iraq. He had seen his father's popularity skyrocket when the first Iraq war happened some 12 years before. When he started his own war in Iraq, sure enough, his popularity skyrocketed, too. So, you see, jingoism is actually a problem if we want to live in a peaceful world. One way to fix the problem of jingoism for people to be educated. When people identify jingoism as a cheap trick that governments use to stay in power, they will be less likely to fall for it, and less likely to fall in love with governments that practice it.
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