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Conservative v Socialist is no longer relevant

In a time when policies come in unrelated bundles (left = unions and trees; right = less red tape and no abortion) and everyone wants less taxes, it might be time to drop the labels 'Conservative' and 'Socialist', at least from current politics. The reason is these labels can be misleading. Socialist implies a striving for all people to be equal. But that is not the actual goal of modern left politics. Capitalism implies support for an unregulated market, but that is not really the wish of the modern right of politics. Modern Conservatives accept the need for regulations and Socialists accept not all people will be equal. And anyway, what could be more 'conservative' than the so called 'left' wanting policies that 'conserve' the natural world as it always was? Why should support for one policy mean presumed support for another policy, ever? Macron formed his own party in the centre. While that won't work in most cases, there is a growing case for just voting for people, and not parties.
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