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UN - process over people

It was widely reported on 19 April that "A group of more than 200 former senior UN officials have written to the UN secretary general, António Guterres, warning him that unless he does more personally to take a lead in trying to mediate a peace in Ukraine, the UN risks not just irrelevance, but its continued existence." But it is the processes of the UN, and not its people, that need to be strengthened. The UN needs better powers and processes to deal with rogue international actors. Good processes will always defeat bad people in the end. This is why constitutions around the world have limited terms for presidents, for example. Because power corrupts, and egos become distorted, over time. And so there is a process baked in to most constitutions to turn over lenders every few years. (Of course, Putin managed to change the process in Russia, so that he could remain in power - this was a failure of process). Look at the United Nations Security Council, that sits above the General Assembly, and has the primary purpose of preventing wars. Its five permanent members can each veto (stop) any decision of the UN to take any actions. Russia is a permanent member. Russia, with 1.87% of the global population, has power to prevent the Security Council from making any resolution for positive action to stop the war in Ukraine. And so we could all be dragged into a third world war. Great. It is the UN Charter that needs to be looked at here. Not the personality of António Guterres . Processes might not be as interesting as people. But they are the true champions of freedom. Vote here for a UN with stronger and better processes!
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