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New World Order is a legitimate aspiration not a dirty word

As we retreat once more into nationalist identities in a time of crisis, it is time for people everywhere to start to talk about New World Order. This is because the consequences of not doing this are that your grandchildren, seawater swirling around their ankles, could easily be the victims of hunger wars in generations to come. Our 'business as usual' system of global governance is glaringly not fit for purpose. In a 24 March 2022 opinion piece in Bloomberg on the consequence of the Ukraine war, John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge say, among other things: : "So the second age of globalization is fading fast. Unless something is done quickly and decisively, the world will divide into hostile camps, regardless of what happens in Ukraine. And this divided world will not suit the West. Look at the resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The most trumpeted figure is that only 40 countries did not vote for this (35 abstained, and five voted against it), compared with 141 countries who voted in favor. But those 40 countries, which include India and China, account for the majority of the world’s population. .... Constructing such a “new world order” will be laborious work. But the alternative is a division of the world into hostile economic and political blocs that comes straight out of the 1930s. Biden, Johnson, Scholz and Macron should think hard about how history will judge them. Do they want to be compared to the policymakers in the aftermath of World War I, who stood by impassively as the world fragmented and monsters seized the reins of power? Or would they rather be compared to their peers after World War II, policymakers who built a much more stable and interconnected world?" These are fair points. I don't disagree with John and Adrian. But I would add that national leaders are charged with running their country, not the world. It is up to us the people of the world as global citizens to look for ways forward. We have the network at our fingertips to do it. We should start to do it.
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