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Geoengineering Media Hub

As it affects us all, there should be a media hub for updates on all geoengineering projects that are being discussed and activated around the world. Right now, there are backroom plans being discussed and many projects are actually happening, like cloud seeding and ocean fertilizing. People have a right to know what is going on, and what is being planned. At the moment, nobody even knows who is approving this stuff. This idea is that nobody has an automatic right to do stuff that affects us all. That right needs to be earned. And if we are to be affected by it, we need to see it. But this idea is not just about transparency. A Geoengineering Media Hub would also to allow people with great ideas to contribute. It will allow the greatest minds a fighting chance of finding the greatest projects. There are millions of genius kids around the world. More than ever they are interested in saving their planet, especially from catastrophic climate change. They think about it. Who knows whether they, or any of them, could develop and improve ideas that really will save the planet? The whizz kids can only do that IF they know what is going on. Chances are that they will. After all, it is their future at stake. So, yes, the scaling up of these projects could save the world. Or, they might not. The best chance of them succeeding, though, will come if smart people who care enough to be involved are allowed to participate. The young geniuses around the world have to be able to see results of the pilot projects, must be able to read the latest science and must be allowed to engage in discussions about the latest plans. Let's make it easy for them, not hard for them, like it is now. Geoengineering is about harnessing the sun, the wind and chemical reactions. Its best chance of success will come if it also learns how to harness the power of people. Nobody is ultimately responsible for this, but either the IPCC or the UN should be funded by governments around the world, or by private equity, it doesn't matter, to set up a Geoengineering Media Hub that brings together everything that is happening around the world in the geoengineering space. People need to be able to see what is going on, both for transparency and, if they have the brainpower, so they can help.
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