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Gifts in Wills

My idea is government-funded campaigns that push people to consider including gifts to research foundations in their Wills. This concept of gifts in wills is something I saw promoted in the front pages of a recent N(edited) S(edited) magazine. The message was from Professor Nick Lemoine, Chair of the Medical Research Foundation, and he argued that including a gift in your Will can play a key role in providing the science that protects the health of future generations. He says that the Medical Research Foundation, over 90% of their voluntary funding comes from people who choose to include a gift in their will. This concept can apply to all branches of research. What are you passionate about? The Climate? The Great Barrier Reef? Cancer Research? Include a gift for these branches of research in your will. Your passion can extend beyond your lifetime and will be transformative in tackling the challenges at the forefront of society. Back to the original idea here though - this is something we should be encouraging, though I had not previously really considered it (therein lies the issue). Investing in campaigns that put this in peoples' minds will have monumental benefits for society in the long(and short!) run.
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