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Who is in Charge here?

Again we see the USA (after clearing it with Russia) go in and take out a terrorist leader. That is great. But why is it ok that the rest of the world let one country lead for us? Why does the world acquiesce to self appointed actors controlling world affairs? We are perfectly capable of banging our 7.7 billion heads together to come up with a new global 'overseer', aren't we? Or, is it 'just too hard'? Let's let the US do it, or, at least, whoever they vote for. Wait. Are you kidding me? The rest of the world, with Americans, really need to take charge of themselves. The world needs to put in place its own structures for global governance. To do otherwise is for the world to be effectively governed by the whims of a few American voters from the mid-west. The failure to organize ourselves as a global whole has already led us down many dark paths. People! Get organized! OK. But how do we start? It needs to start with people recognizing themselves as global citizens. We are part of not just little tribes, and medium tribes. We are also part of one great big tribe. Our governance needs to reflect that. How to we finish the job? The days of travelling to Geneva are finished. With the right platforms, we can all do this over the internet.
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