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Make way for Ammonia!

While hydrogen’s popularity as a clean fuel essential for reaching net-zero emissions is growing, ammonia is still thought of as little more than a key chemical for fertiliser. This needs to change. Both hydrogen and ammonia will be required if the world is to successfully decarbonise heavy industry and transport. Ammonia can help with decarbonisation in multiple ways. It is typically produced by catalytic steam reforming from fossil fuels, generating around 1% of global CO₂ emissions. But it can also be synthesized by combining nitrogen with hydrogen produced carbon-free using renewable electricity. By commercialising this renewable production of ammonia, the first sector to benefit from the resulting decarbonisation would be the fertiliser industry itself – and with it the food production supply chain. Ammonia can also hold its own as a fuel: not only does it burn CO₂-free like hydrogen, but it has a higher energy density and is easier to store and transport than hydrogen, as it doesn’t require cryogenic storage. Ammonia can also act as a storage medium for hydrogen, enabling it to be transported over longer distances more easily. In Japan, it is already considered the most viable carrier for hydrogen. To make ammonia this week's top idea, vote one for Ammonia!!!
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