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The human mind

The human mind is capable of amazing things. Not least the subconscious, which performs zillions of calculations every minute to do everything, from working out in a millisecond the parabolic trajectory of a ball in motion to keeping us upright. Best of all, our mind constantly solves real world problems, which allows allows us to stay alive. When the mind becomes weak, however, its ability to solve real world problems diminishes. Use it or lose it applies to body and mind. Just as a fat kid who eats chocolate and chips all day loses his physical fitness, so it is when we spend too much time scrolling our Facebook feeds, Instagram and YouTube and watching mindless TV - it eventually kills our mental fitness. So we might look back on 2021 and say those were the days when the global population grew mentally lazy and fat. Just when we needed to be nimble , quick, adaptive and mentally strong to get past the challenges of the day for mankind, we became zombies gripped by our little scrolling machines. So my idea is that we get off the couch in 2022. There is a big interesting world out there. And a shit load of problems for us to work together to solve.
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