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Climate crisis is just a tragedy of the commons

One phrase that doesn’t seem to be used enough in the context of the COP26 summit and climate change is “the tragedy of the commons”. This describes a scenario that is a standard part of mathematical game theory. The “tragedy” considers free public use of a common resource – for example, community-owned land for grazing cattle. In that case, the community’s interest is best served by controlling use to the level that optimises grass growth. However, each individual cow owner does best if they maximise the amount their cattle eat. Their loss because of the degradation due to their minor contribution to overgrazing is swamped by the extra resources they gain. The only solution to this is collective management of usage. The trouble with climate change is that the world has no mechanisms for truly effective collective control. this taken from Tim Stevenson New Scientist magazine letters 0n 13 November 2021, it says exactly what I think so I am putting here
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