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De-randomize global governance

This idea is that we all need to advocate for better processes for international conflict resolution, and the here is why: At the moment, global conflicts are being managed by randoms and resolved by happenstance. Facebook’s parent company Meta has linked the Belarusian KGB to the setting up of dozens of fake social media accounts of people posing as journalists and activists to stir up a migrant crisis on the border of Belarus and Poland. A Meta report explains it has now removed 41 Facebook accounts, five Facebook Groups and four Instagram accounts for violating its policy on “coordinated inauthentic behaviour”. Don't get me wrong, I am in favor of Meta's actions. But that was basically the only international intervention in the first few weeks of this humanitarian crisis. So how is it that Meta is pulling the levers here? Crisis averted, or elevated, is the whim of a civilian business person? Where is the process for international arbitration? Should not Meta be directed by someone or something as to when to pull what levers? The same argument applies to banning certain actors from social media. This might seem like an esoteric argument. But I think we should care about what processes are in place, globally, to resolve international conflicts. If we don't care, then each and every one of us, including you the reader, could at some point become a victim. Essentially you will be a victim of our simple failure to organize ourselves as a global group. Things need to change. As a global community we need to put our thinking caps on. I know it sounds alarmist, but we really do need to work on better international processes for international conflict resolution. That is the idea I want to put forward.
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