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The assettization of attention

As remote surveying of our attention becomes ubiquitous and available to commercial entities, we are at risk of turning into a zombie state. I am not against people staring at their phones for as long as they like. It is a free world. But the marketing execs of the tech propaganda arms are just getting better and better at feeding our phones with things that they know from experience will grab our attention. As they continue to get better at it, so we are drawn in. That is how they make money. This might be convenient, and even fun, for us, but it is not healthy. Over time, is very bad for our mental health. Life is not entertainment, When fed only entertainment, we become emotionally poor, not rich. If the assetization of our attention continues at the current rate, we will forget how to broaden our thinking. How do we balance regulation against the free market in this space? I have no idea.
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