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Let's have a Global Climate Change Kitty

I am pretty sure most people and companies would tip a few cents into the kitty if they knew it was going to help clean up the atmosphere. Imagine if there was a global kitty where everyone could chip in their spare cash, when they have it, to help the global cause. It could be called the 'global climate change kitty', or something like that, and be run by a an IPCC spending committee selected by COP to manage and disperse the funds. Governments around the world could legislate to make such contributions tax deductible, so that nobody has to worry about charitable status. Companies and people could donate anonymously, or be named on an honour board - that might give them status in their communities for their efforts. It should not affect donations to existing organizations, as it would not be competing for funds with anything quite like it - there is nothing like it. Anyway, some of those who operate in the global environment space that rely on charity could end up being recipients of some of the funds. Just a thought..
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