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The best form of back seat driving

Economist Joseph Schumpeter didn’t think democracy could function if voters paid too much attention to what their representatives did between elections. “Electorates normally do not control their political leaders in any way except by refusing to reelect them,” he wrote, in “Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy” (1942). The rest of the time, he thought, they should refrain from “political back-seat driving.” These days, with the internet, some people agitate for a deliberative democracy, where just about every decision can be made direct by the people. My idea is to let governments govern, but to promote discourse in on the internet that might help guide governments. Passengers in a car must be allowed to speak up. But they should not all yell at once. Ideally, they quietly aggregate their opinion as to which way to turn and that becomes apparent over time. This platform, as it grows over time, will be perfect for aggregating people's opinions, so the views of us passengers can be understood - quietly, and if sufficiently supported, persuasively. Because decision makers, government and corporate, are more often sensible people than not. They will probably one day find the global democracy platform quite a good resource for hearing what people are saying, without feeling browbeaten. Everyone can help them head in the right direction by contributing and voting here.
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