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Fit for purpose

The importance of making our global institutions fit for purpose is written across the globe in pretty big flashing neon lights in 2021: We are paying the price today for not getting around to it before climate change got us Covid got us My idea is let's get around to it before artificial intelligence gets us All I am saying is that as global citizens we need to start thinking of better ways of governing ourselves as one group. That way, we can better address emerging problems that threaten us all. National leaders everywhere have profiteered for too long on selling globalization as an existential threat. It is the opposite. It does not mean more migration, and it does not mean loss of culture. Supporters from two football clubs in the one city all benefit from having a city council. That's all I am saying. So, trendy as it is to demonize globalisation, we need to start seeing through the rhetoric. We need to recognize the reality, which is there needs to be an urgent upgrade to our global governance systems to make them fit for purpose. As they say: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
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