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Incentivise Careers that do good

We need to attract more people in to careers that ‘do good’ and help the most vulnerable in our society, on the ground…Empowering people and building up our communities. One person can have a tremendous impact on another persons life. Social work, human services, counselling, mental health, disability, aged care, support work. I work in this system and see how many staffing issues there are. It tends to be an under skilled and stretched workforce. The best workers become burnt out due to the vicarious stress that is felt as a result of supporting people truly doing it tough. The systems are underfunded bureaucratical rabbit warrens. Many who don’t work in this space, don’t truly understand how tough many people around the world are doing it. Sometimes it’s easier to turn a blind eye. Nevertheless we should incentivise these careers by reducing the costs of further education/degrees. We should also glamorize them a bit more! These jobs aren’t doom and gloom. They can be fun and fulfilling! Only when you are incentivised. How else can we incentivise them?
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