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Access to Accurate Historical Information

I read a media article a while ago that I can't stop thinking about. It was about governments closing museums, the places that provide information about what has happened in the past. In particular, this government had closed a museum/exhibition that documented a political demonstration that that government had violently quashed, thereby denying access and in effect, deleting that part of history. I know this is nothing new! Governments distribute propaganda, twist their versions of events and in some cases, absolutely control the information that their citizens consume. This is also not unique to governments. Anyone can put out their versions of truth via social media. Even the media, where journalists have some responsibility to report accurately and impartially, generally have their own perspectives on right and wrong, their modus operandi selective reporting, depending on which owners and advertisers they need to appease. This had me thinking - is there a 'repository of facts'? A place where people can find information on what happened, who did what, with no left, right, religious, racist spin? I don't think that the UN does anything like this. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong). Apart from media reports, who is keeping an accurate, unbiased record of important happenings? In decades, or even centuries to come, will we be still be relying on a media-driven perspective or biblical word of mouth to remember events accurately? Even if people in some countries aren't allowed to access it, one day they will, and should. My idea is that we need a neutral organisation to record non-biased, factual information on important events that occur around the world. I have no idea however, on how people in oppressed circumstances could possibly access this. Please someone add your idea to this!
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