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Mainstream media

People used to get their news from the newspaper and TV. Now they get it from their newsfeed. And to be an appealing news provider, you need a lot of local content. And so that is the focus of news providers, old and new. always has been always will be. Fair enough. But we share so many of the same issues that there is a lot more that we could be learning from the news about other societies that are just like us. It would be good to see mainstream media reporting the developments in and experiences of other communities around the world. What are are they doing differently? How that is working for them? We will hear a lot about GPOP 26 in the next month, but after that you watch us zoom in again, ever tighter and tighter, on our local issues. The answer? My idea is for mainstream news providers to see it as a social service to report more widely. Maybe they could try out a regular 'comparative news' segment - a quick check around a selection of other countries or cities to update the mainstream news consumer on how that particular issue is being reported there. People just might like it. And at the same time be, better informed about the world in which they live.
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