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United Nations General Assembly

I am a fan of the United Nations. We need global governance mechanisms. They are great, because we have global problems. But the 75th annual meeting of the UN General Assembly this month in New York was a bit disappointing. Nobody minds the language of the General Assembly being 'aspirational', with the details to be worked out by others. But maybe it could be 'in'spirational as well? If you are interested in checking out this year's General Assembly speak, try googling A/RES/75/325. This is the document that re-sets the General Assembly's goals and focus. If you are not asleep by aspiration number 74, then you have done well. Sure, the General Assembly does not have a mandate to govern the world, and, its a bit much to expect it to fix the world on its own. But nor does it have a mandate to put the world to sleep. So this idea is for the UN General Assembly to show less aspiration and more inspiration.
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