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Pay as you use car registration

A system based on use and distance which takes into consideration traffic congestion, incentivising cleaner transport methods. Transport is a huge source of GHG emissions (in Australia, the sector is responsible for ~17% of total emissions) and the sector is growing faster than any other, having huge contributions to our escalating climate crisis. An incentive to encourage more active transport - especially in larger, more congested cities - which minimises the temptation / ease of driving personal cars 24/7, has surely got to provide some aid to this detriment to our home. ‘Active transport’ being that of: walking, riding or public transport. Carpooling! In addition to a pay-as-you-use car registration system: an introduction of ‘tolls’ for zones in Central Business Districts. (E.g. charges for personal car use in certain CBD zones, which in turn, deters the want and reduces the congestion). This is on the basis that this can be monitored when cars enter the zones, similar to the London metropolitan system. A system that rewards its participants and provides a clear incentive and visible reward. Clear and achievable actions we can all take to collectively save our backyard.
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