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Environmental health campaigns

Many people feel helpless looking at the state of the climate, but a) don’t *really* understand the facts, and b) don’t know where to begin (at a day-to-day level) to work towards reducing their carbon footprint.. This is all about education. We know how successful public health campaigns can be - let’s push to have funds dedicated to their environmental equivalents. Don’t make people dig for it. Actively show us the facts. Let people know how they can help - and show them how. For example, composting. Food scraps in landfill are buried, and so deprived of oxygen. When they decompose without oxygen, they produce more methane (potent GHG) than if they are composted (and so exposed to oxygen). The breakdown pathway, when composted, produces less greenhouse gases. This information is easy to swallow - no one needs to understand the science, they just need to know the facts. Demystifying them will help the people to help the environment. Alongside clear environmental benefits, this will undoubtably boost morale. We like to help. We WANT to help. Show us how.
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