The Straw Man Epidemic

The need for this website is so evident it barely needs an introduction. It resonates with us in a way that no amount of marketing ever could. We all know why we're here, "the system is broken". But I worry that GD fails to overcome some of the less obvious trappings of human nature. POW tells us the purpose of this site is to make our unheard voices more powerful. I believe in this purpose and I think the site has a lot of potential to wield. But I worry it will become a fad and peter out like Myspace when by all rights it should become an internet giant. We must do more to elevate our thoughts, this site is the ideal place to do so and that will give us real power. If we don't then we are destined to become as stifled as the UN. While it may be fun to demonize our leaders for incompetence, it's naive to think we can do a better job just by listening to more people. The Straw Man Fallacy is the misrepresentation of your opponents argument by replacing him with a 'straw man' then defeating a similar but disjointed argument. I don't want to sound arrogant but some of the posts are just riddled with non sequiturs and straw men. I want this site to become a true model for E-Democracy, not just a cost effective opinion poll. I propose that the site increase it's interactivity to be more like the Delphi Method. With more options for feedback. Rather than just good or bad, it should have options for logic errors, quality of information, validity of insights or conclusions. The user should be able to flip between a chronological format (as it is now) and an argument map with pros on one side of the page and cons on the other, using a bubble sort algorithm to float the most relevant to the top. With full voting options on each post and response. And possibly, though I'm not sure how to go about it - a procedure to insert one post into another as a subset or alternative position. Perhaps even themes within categories, pictures to accompany the title, an option to follow a specific members posts? N.B. Epidemic refers to society, not just the site NB this first posted by 1060 UK
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