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Free, open, public, transparent, verifiable, accountable exemplar. Accepting other good qualities for consideration. I have learnt that I am me, and that as me that I can do, all the things which I enjoy! So my records are interesting. I am open, public, verifiable. I am ethical, good, and importantly--free. In every useful sense of freedom. I remain true to my ideals. All my work I do for everyone. I generate ideas for and with everyone. While upholding high quality standards; my ideas are worth everything and nothing. My power is without cost. So everyone benefits. I easily justify my existence. By creating more value than I extract. With integrity and for everyone; I am interested and interesting. I will be nothing else. I am always myself. I care about the happiness and interest of others. I easily justify my own existence by being an accomplished organism while remaining a good person. I'm not the best at everything I choose to do, but those things I truly excel at produce inexhaustible resources of our most precious commodities, without harming anyone. Ideas, dear friends, have always been the true currency.

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