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I was beautiful and hated it. I was assaulted and raped daily for a long period of time. I was harassed constantly. I was violated in everyway. guys wouldn't leave me alone and things got rough. They got their way, I didn't. No one wanted to talk to me, no one wanted to hire me, as soon as the saw me they thought it was right that they should punch me and rape me. It was laughable to them. I had a baby and it was stolen. I can't get the police to do anything. Sure everyone talks, no one cares. everyone is isolated and lonely and don't lift a finger for anyone. And then everyone has the nerve to call me a liar when I tell my story. A lot of things have gotten worse not better. It is inaction that is the cause of problems in everything. No one was arrested by the way, ever, I have been diagnosed with 'mental illness', not PTSD, offered medication and pretty much hit the road. Things need to improve people have to stop thinking the old way is inhumane, get with it.

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