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I'm in love with the Universe and Gaia, I love. The human condition is something to explore in its entirety. Making connections is what we're here for, sharing our subjective, collective experience and to bridge the gaps between all the natural worlds! The dream world and your waking life are the same thing in any reality, realise this. I'm very open minded to new ideas and all walks of life. I don't ask you to understand, or to stand under me, just accept and don't judge. Be straight and don't lie about how you feel. Sincerely, hug and climb a tree! If you feel nothing then hug it for longer! Its as alive as you are. I love extreme sports, rock climbing/bouldering, fast, danger, wet, wild etc. I wear my mind on my sleeve and I'm easy going and loyal to good people. I will fight to the death for what I believe in, just found nothing worth dying prematurely over. Nature is my Religion, as I said. Although my interests and the disciplines and fields I study are range from TP Physics to World Religions and Herpetology. Maths. And more.

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