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Spiritual Philanthropy is one approach to providing solutions to many of the issues of healing we are all interested in collaborating on to co-create together the greatest, grandest, most beautiful world we can imagine. It's this simple to me.. Energy Cannot Be Created or Destroyed It Can Be Expressed and Shared! “In that very moment, when free energy ( Zero Point Energy) will be given away to Humanity, it will not only be meant to use as an absolutely free, environment friendly, perpetual working energy to use in each and every industry, transportation, or private homes, but much more chains of Humanity will be broken FOREVER. A New Era of Freedom, Friendship, Understanding and Love will rule, opening a New Golden Age for people of the Earth and beyond…” Nikola Tesla The narrative of the quickly approaching energy revolution is much more exciting than just electricity. Free Energy is foremost about people! The shift engages our dreams, our imaginations and our soul-purposes together as well as individuals. Free Energy IS a metaphor for the free energy of spirit, consciousness and collaboration. The Roadshow will ultimately be about giving and receiving and encouraging the exchange of this expanded definition of Free Energy… the energy of generosity, compassion, laughter, creativity, love and so much more. If anyone would like to share their thoughts please don't hesitate. I am seeking partners to expand and manifest my vision here and would love and appreciate anyone inviting me to share their dreams and visions for solutions. It's all about the Free Energy and expressing and sharing our spirits, I don't mind any combination of giving mine and receiving yours. My other passion involves transforming mental health into a blessing . Welcome to the 21st Century Mental Health Reformation, Transformation, Evolution and Revolution! We are here together to transform mental illness through allowing ourselves to follow our PASSIONS. Let’s re-imagine and re-create how the world perceives mental illness and more importantly how those of us with these diagnoses perceive our selves. A major component of this reformation is introducing alternative methods of treatment and recovery. Recover From Mental Illness Your Own Way The Paths Are Many- The Journey Is YOURS! I am currently forming a business plan and eBook to create a more advanced website to provide people information and suggestions for all of the myriad of integral and holistic methods of addressing the experiences we still label mental illness. My desire is to become a speaker, advocate and spiritual philanthropist so I can help individuals and serve the entire world in completely revolutionizing the current limited paradigm of synthetic medications and Western medical solutions. Everyone is welcome to help me take this mental health reformation to the next level in any way they resonate with. There is a book on that page I am part of where each copy I sell through my link on the site will earn me $10 that I can put towards the mission and there's a donate button as well. I am not soliciting anyone.. trust me... but I feel it's quite heartfelt and worthy to allow people to help me. With Love, Bret 732-829-2194

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