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Watching the golden age unfold... and going to enjoy it. I'm a single, Korean guy. Like to keep to myself but mostly aware of the crazy things going on in the world that fly past me. Lived my life on the beautiful island of Guam before moving to the US mainland for college. Unfortunately dropped out as I could not find a passion to throw my energy into, seeing the current old paradigm being so... 'suffocating' almost everywhere I look. For now, I keep myself entertained with the usual distractions of gaming with my Xbox/PS3/PC and lots of media from Japan like anime and manga. But I do try to keep a balance and stay informed with the unfolding 'apocalypse' or 'unveiling'. Have always been fascinated with the idea of paranormal, but didn't really dig deep because of the stigma and fear mongering hammered into me by religion. Glad to say that I am not religious but 'Spiritual', and that's with a capital 'S'. Back to the paranormal, always was fascinated with psychic abilities and such, always ignited my heart even now. Maybe I sensed all of us were capable of such a feat, but denied a thing for an unclear reason. Sadly, I don't have enough patience to really show outstanding results that I can notice in a physical form. But still, I do meditate in my own unique way. Doing this and that, stuff that would help stimulate my spiritual self. I think I've gained my own little thing or style, if I dare be so cocky to say. For now, this had helped me be aware of my own energy or soul. This is me that I sense when I do my personal form of meditation. And for those who feel it, have been getting some crazy vibes, shivers, chills, feelings, or whatever you name it. That feeling you have in your body that tells you, something is different, or something is going on. I've read on some specific blogs that all of us are going through special upgrades for the coming age. Just want to put it out there that I believe I'm feeling it. Anyways, still working on that balance in my head or should I say my heart. Know what is right and in turn show that in my actions. For now, I am silently watching as things unfold until I feel it necessary to put my energy out there. Biding my time until my moment comes, or maybe it'll never come at all. Either way, I'm going to enjoy myself as much as possible with the simple pleasures that I have. "Be yourself… Be happy… It’s your life… “God only knows” Find your love… Find your way… For your life…"

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