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Following 0 I do not check my email often, but I most likely will get back to you. Please look into my work so far, and I appreciate any feedback. On this site, rights are my chief concern; National Defense Authorization Act effectively destroyed all of those on paper for every citizen of the world. With good fortune, I will be updating this status saying it was repealed; in the meantime, I have sojourned largely from my prior-to path of mental health civil rights, for which my web site exists, in favor of trying to network (hence I am here) about the threat that threatens to make the daily lives of severe mental patients a reality for the average person someday, maybe even worldwide... and without the starting point of, "Hey, we're only trying to help." But aside from that, I am genuinely interested in the concept of this site; I had the same idea, an organization that would meet online and network in an effort to find a way to mobilize against the growing power of the national and international governments and their growing dissonance with the People's will; I sought to invert the power structure, and put people on top again, like what iron did in the Iron Age. The Internet is the greatest invention of democracy there has ever been, and yet, I will say I know of at least two nations (US, Czech Republic), that are trying to mitigate the rights of the People in using the Internet, which, this is not their first time. We must stop this and preserve democracy; Our Fate, the definition of Our generation, these things must be in Our hands, not in those of a few mysterious figures with millions as pocket change. I believe the modern political world is not far from a mirror image of the Illuminati Conspiracy Theory. This discourse, like most of those I post, follows my general thinking style; I am a discursive thinker, and proud to be mentally ill, not ashamed. It is a blessing more than a curse; most of the people who changed the world in some way, be it as scientists, political activists, Joan of Arc (she's singular, and I do recognize her as *at least* every bit as valid a prophet as John the Baptist)-- the vast majority of them were at least thought to be mentally ill. If you are different enough, society will label you insane, or mentally ill, because it cannot understand you; for more on this, or for more about NDAA (there's only a little up on that second for now), please visit my web site. Oh, by the way, I am uber-religious, and seeing as I'm completely safe here, I'll say I am a singular seeker, meaning I follow my own religious path (see my web site for the history of my religious persecution), but that I closely mirror a mix of Wicca, Cabbalism and Shamanism, with a smattering of Asatru and Greek Paganism, though my values are Christian and my ideology largely Buddhist (splitting hairs, but it's true) which is guided by my gift of Insanity, my gift of Spirit: I talk to gods and goddesses, human discarnates, spirits, fairies, and yes, as an animist, I believe that picture on the wall has a spirit and I could talk to it... but I currently have no reason to. One last thing: Insanity is a gift of the gods! If you do not believe this, you should accept at the least that it makes for a stronger trait, not weaker. Before I was knocked down psychologically with conflicts with the Mental Healthcare System, I was not disabled; I was a top-runner! Geniuses are more likely to be mentally ill because insanity and genius are nearly the same thing; I am a legal genius who is bipolar. If you take your freedoms for granted, I challenge you, take it for granted you don't have the right to challenge anyone else's, and have the responsibility to uphold them.

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