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Concerning our world's economy, I'm a Pacifist first and a Capitalist second. To those who believe in the power of collaborative efforts, I agree with you, and suggest that collaborative efforts are managed best by the people involved, especially through our modern technologies, and not by violent non-involved entities like our national governments. To those who wish that the more productive members of the planet contribute more to collaborative efforts, please remember to remain worthy of the title of Pacifist while attempting to convince them. Concerning our world's energy, combustion-based power is barbaric. I recommend that everyone who can should build solar panels for their homes and sell their surpluses to energy brokers, who will arise from this trend and sell what they buy to those who can't yet afford their own panels, which will become cheaper as this trend continues. Concerning only myself, I am attending a community college and working towards developing a space exploration company within the next decade. SpaceX and China will probably beat me to Mars, but not for lack of trying. You may call me selfish and escapist, and you would be half right. Martian venture is profitable to those with the right technologies, which I plan to develop. After that fortune is set up, I plan to work on methods of splitting moons and small planets into even smaller bodies in order to increase the amount of real estate I might have for sale by then. Impossible? Probably, but I'll be far too rich to care about impossibilities at that point, especially the ones that get in the way of more money.

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