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Privacy policy

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These legal terms of use govern the legal relationship between you (“the user”) and the globaldemocracy.com site owner and administrator (“the GD owner”). The owner of globaldemocracy.com (“the GD site”) is a company registered in Australia under the name Global Democracy Management Pty Ltd. The information and references contained in the “About this site”, “How it works” and “Privacy policy” pages form part of these Legal terms of use. You must agree to these legal terms of use if you join the GD site. You agree or disagree to be bound to these legal terms of use by clicking the relevant icon above.

These legal terms and conditions are necessary to protect the site from being unfairly attacked, sued or shut down by Governments or groups who view global democracy as a threat to their existence. Some key points are: Any idea submitted by you the user is your gift to the People of the World. Neither you nor the GD owner will have rights to protect the ownership of your idea, unless you have registered your ownership lawfully prior to posting. In which case you should refer to any legally protected rights in your idea, because it can be expected that people will copy and adapt ideas. The GD owner will not permit ideas or comments that encourage defamation of any kind. The GD owner has the right to remove users and ideas at its discretion to protect the integrity and lawfulness of the site. The GD owner is not liable for any harm or damage of any kind to anyone at any time arising from the ideas, comments and votes posted on this site. Subject to law, the GD owner of this site agrees not to pass on any of your personal information to third parties. More detailed legal terms follow below.

Your general use of the site

You, the user AGREE TO use this site only in accordance with the intended purpose and spirit of the site as referred to expressly and impliedly in all the pages of this site including as referred to in the "About this site", "How it works", "Privacy policy", and the "Legal terms of use" pages. You, the user AGREE NOT TO use this site to promote or support any unlawful information or activity including but not limited to inciting violence between people anywhere in the world, attacking the character and reputation of other people or organisations in the world and making false statements. You, the user agree and understand that this is not a site for whistleblowers and you the user will use this site lawfully and responsibly.

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You, the user agree and understand that the ideas, comments and votes posted by you (as for all other users) may be read and interpreted by other people from all around the world. By posting your ideas, comments and votes on this site you agree and understand that you have lawfully granted to all other people who read and interpret your ideas, comments and votes a licence and all other rights necessary for other people and organisations to use your ideas and comments for any lawful purposes whatsoever, including to copy, use and otherwise enjoy all the benefits of your ideas and comments as derived by those other people and organisations. Accordingly, you the user agree to unconditionally waive and release the GD owner and all other people who might benefit from your ideas, comments and votes from any claims for or rights to or entitlements to monetary or other compensation or advantage you might otherwise have had but for posting your ideas, comments and votes on this site.

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You, the user agree and understand that when you use this site, the GD owner and its agents and contractors including the site hosting entity are able to access and review your user profile information and other computer information about your computer’s engagement with this site, through the use of cookies and data files placed on your computer to record how you use this site and to help you use the site. The GD owner and its agents and contractors will use the user profile and computer information for statistical purposes related to the management and development of this site. You the user agree and understand that you are not obliged to provide any personal user profile information except an email address, (which may or may not be personal to you), in order to use this site. You also agree and understand that in the event a lawful request is made of the GD owner to investigate this site for any lawful reason your email address, user profile information and your computer information may be used for the investigation. Investigations may be conducted by governments of countries or other international organisations with legal authority to conduct such investigations. The GD owner is not responsible nor liable for any outcome of an investigation of this site as it affects you the user.