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Reading the Science

There is so much disinformation on the internet that people are often skeptical of scientific claims of a climate emergency. I have found that one way through the maze is to look for scientific information that comes from scientist communicators that refer to the more technical scientific papers (which are, lets face it, often too hard to read for ourselves). For example, if you google information on the Greenland icesheet written for public consumption, you will find an easy to read article by Dr Martin Stendel, a climate scientist and communicator, who states: From 1 April 2002 to 31 August 2021, the Greenland ice sheet has lost approximately 4,500Gt of ice. This is equivalent to 13mm of global average sea level rise. and a recent study estimated that climate change to date means that Greenland is already committed to “at least 274mm” of future sea level rise. In this statement, his blog links you to the scientific paper from which his information is retrieved: Once you establish the credibility of the writer that way, it is not hard to accept other statements they make, such as that this is the 26th year in a row Greenland has suffered a net loss of ice. So, that is the idea. Read science not facebook posts. Now, it follows from this article, also, that we really are in an absolute climate emergency. And that unless we act urgently on climate change, many coastal cities and islands are most definitely going underwater, and that the Pacific Islanders are entitled to say to the rest of us - "What are you doing? We are going under here". Because it is true.