Inorder to solve global energy problem

i am working on energy related issues for the last 10 years and realised the energy challenges of present time. In order to solve the energy shortages i got an idea that has to get meterialise. let me brief about it. we have to move more on renewable energy that is the only solution to solve energy as well as our pollution problem. i realised gravity can be used as universal source of energy generation with unlimited potential. Lots and lots of innovative ideas are coming to picture based on gravity but are fail to show consitancy in work. But my idea had shown wonderful result which fulfill all our energy needs around the world. Now the question is how to materialise the idea. Lot of financial constrains are ahed. it needs $ 50000 to scale up the prototype. If any agencies or institutes are willing to sponser my project, i am ready to share the future outcome with them. please contact



  • You probably need to expand a little to get people interested.

  • Try on a crowdfunding platform, I guessu have one in australia. Of course u should explain a little better your project, but if you're sure it works, It's worth it

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