"CSR" do the businesses really mean it ?

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility.

It means giving back to the society by the business.

The business/companies using local people, resources, environment, etc, which gets polluted by them. So I would like to suggest there should be a protocol for the companies that CSR becomes the mandatory so that the companies may try to provide some facilities to the people or family members of their workers in terms of hospital, school or garden.



  • Companies dont owe you anything beyond simply not causing harm. They already do enough by creating employment and economic gain. You already tax companies and individuals enough to have these things, so perhaps you should talk to whoever you voted about this issue and leave companies alone. Hospitals, schools and gardens are the responsibility of government, not the private sector.

  • I concur. What do you mean by "giving back"? To give back implies something was taken and now is being returned. Just what do companies take that they must "give back"? Do they not create jobs? Pay taxes? Often invest in infrastructure? Many already give to charities and do some community work. What needs to be "given back"?

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