Catch the electricity of lightning and store it.

I don't know much about phisics and stuff like this, i think it could be an interesting way to think.

All i know is lightning is natural and it has a lot of electric energy.



  • Codeman686 posted this last year..
    Lighning Rod Wind Turbines! The New Tomorrow!
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  • That's why i believe in collective unconscious. Thanks for informing! I'll check it immediately.

  • Interesting idea. From my understanding lighting strikes are a chance event. Therefore, for this to be feasible there are two obstacles that I can think of. One is developing a way to localize the strikes to an area where the energy can be captured. Another way to put it is lighting strikes aren't as reliable as other forms of energy (solar, wind, etc) due to changes in storm and weather patterns. Second, development of materials and infrastructure that can withstand the massive current and voltages characteristic of a lighting strike.

  • I almost objected because I thought it was extremely difficult to do. It's still difficult, but worth thinking about ... Q: how to localize strikes? A: Major towers are hit by lightning all the time, and you could fire a small rocket from the top with a conductor trailing behind (just enough to encourage a step leader), or use a laser to create a plasma channel. Do this in a site that is known for frequent lightning. Q: Storage ?? A: It's a problem. Maybe super-mega capacitors.

    But the high voltage is not good for storage. You need a way to step down the voltage (very robust transformer), but then current becomes massive. It also requires some system to regulate how much power is taken, and a safety shunt when there's no storage capacity and you want to send the bolt to ground rather than frying everything.

    It's crazy now, but maybe one day in Florida or Rwanda.

  • aw, crap it recorded it as an objection. The problem with this is that some ideas are so bizarre that they're bad now but have potential to become madly brilliant when there are enabling technologies.

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