Child Endangerment

If you neglect/abuse your child, you should be denied chance at time in prison and go straight to the death penalty.

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  • Sometimes neglect is unintentional. Sometimes a person's actions are uncontrollable. For an excellent example of this, I suggest you read "Native Son" by Richard Wright. He, in particular, is speaking of the struggles facing African Americans, but I think it's an interesting viewpoint that extends beyond those borders.

  • I object because it's too extreme and not an idea that proposes a genuine solution to the problem of child abuse and neglect.

  • I object because although I agree that is a horrible crime I also know all the causes behind neglect and abuse. I am not justifying it, but many people who act this way have been abused themselves or suffer from serious mental illness. How about we focus on good mental health care in this country. Our country is HORRIBLE compared to others in mental health.

  • I object because the punishment needs to meet the crime. And in prison those ones usually get what is coming to them.

  • I object because I 100% disagree with the death penalty. Note: my parents were abusive and I have 28 stitches on my left eye to prove it.

  • I object because its too extreme and wld tie up our courts. I do think punishment needs to be in place for abuse.

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