Religion and Parenting

Parents should be encouraged (but they are not forced to if they really are offended by this) to educate their children about more than one religion. This will prevent indoctrination, and allow for freethinking. It will also give the child a choice in their religious views instead of the parents choosing the child's religion.



  • Religion should be taught at home or in the temples and not be allowed in schools.

  • I object because I believe religion should not be taught at schools

  • I object because religion os a scourge

  • This is better than limiting a child to one religion. Better than this is not limiting a child to having a religion.

  • I agree but I'm not happy with how vague your suggestion is. How exactly should the world's governments/people encourage others to do this?

  • I object because it's no one's business on how parents raise their children, in a religious sense.

  • I object because the parents teach and choose everything around a child. It is their duty, their choice, their responsibility. And the idea is stupid. Of course one would show his religion as the best and teach the second one is the worst, or at least not as good as.

  • I object because i want to see islamic countries doing it first

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