Gender Equality

Men and women should be treated equally in every way. They should have equal legal rights. Socially, they should also be treated the same. The social norms for men and women should be the same.



  • Are you talking about global or in your own country? if so where please?

  • @babelfish Globally because I think people should have equal rights everywhere.

  • Yes of course the genders should be treated the same politically and socially. It's about time! Also, I feel like this branches out to sexuality as well, making homosexuals, or anyone included in the LGBT community, have political and social rights.

  • I object because we ARE different, like it or not. Physically and psychologically, men and women differ. Neither is better, and politically I agree with you-the right to vote extends to everyone. However, a construction company should not have to hire a woman if it does not believe she can do the physical work a man can do, and if it does decide to hire her, need not pay equally, since she will not do as much as a man would. This has to be balanced for the specific people, mind you. There must be a case where men are not as suited to a profession as women. In that case, the opposite should be true-women should make more and be hired more often.

  • I object because I think that this idea is already expressed in the global constitution, which does not differentiate "person" any further into male and female.

  • I forgot to include the link ( for reference.

  • I object because there is a difference between law and culture. Women should be given equal legal rights, but you can't force social policy, and I am not fond of government interference in culture. That is to say, being treated differently doesn't equate to one person being preferred over another.

  • I object because "equal" isn't truly possible or equal.

  • Not that it is a sexist remark but I do believe that the woman should stay at home and the man work. first off the women would stay at home with the children and teaching them instead of making them go to public schools were tax dollars are spent continously and in alot of cases wasted. it also gives religious families to keep there beliefs in the teaching instead of teaching them things that are out of the parents control. and it will be more effective for employment because more jobs will open up and cause an increase in wages. it has worked perfect in the past and would work now. not saying that women shouldnt work, it can be that one spouce should work while the other stay with the children. not only will it cause children to learn in a better environment but will also cause them to be disceplined in a way that is effective unlike the way public school discipline their students. less chance of viruses going around from family to family and it will also be a way to make it impossible for the children to be distracted in school. of coarse this is my opinion is only to be looked at as such.

  • It will also cause polution to disapate a little do to less people driving at anytime of the day. only one spouce will be working wich will cause a decrease of drivers on the roads as well as cause less traffic jams and accidents. there will be no idleing of motors stuck in traffic and also a decrease in road work wich is all done by taxes. it will open doors for many good things.

  • I don't think one should think so small, how about Global equality. All sexes, orientations, races and creeds should be equal. Gender is such a small factor in the inequality problems of this world.

  • I object because men and women are not the same. While I do agree that the men and women should have the same legal rights, I don't think that governments should try to shape social norms to remove any distinction between men and women. A healthy society depends upon stable families, where children are raised by fathers and mothers who inculcate time-honored values of love, service, and respect.

  • There is no gender equality in Mexico, it is a problem that I face everyday. Not having the opportunity to do the same things that men can or not being able to hang out with someone of the opposite gender. This seriously annoys me.

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