Don't let it die (Noble winning society)

Read with patience before you vote.

Our society is going to be a dead tree unless we take an urgent step.I'm not saying that other developed country societies going to die.I'm saying that if one or more under developed countries society die,the rest of the world will suffer sooner later.If we try to be united,if we all the citizens of our society try to make something unique,we can change the world.I can't understand why we can't meet all of the MDG (Millennium Development Goals of United Nations) so far,why we need to minimize poverty,food problems,education problems,health problems,business problems still now.I think all we need to do is to meet the poverty reduction goal.Because,rest of the goals will meet if we have money.If we get money we can go to school,we can eat better food,we can build home,we can do everything.Our society is our main problem so far.We are not united.If we unite & do something together,I'm sure we can meet all of these goals within 2 to 3 years.If we just start a social organization/money saving organization,we can start a profitable business for our future generations.There everyone will have same share & everyone will get the profit.For example: just starting a dairy farm can easily meet all our dreams or a poultry farm can do it.I don't want to elaborate more.All I want to say is,our society can make the change whenever we want & if we can do it,our society will claim the Noble prize.We don't need to worry about population, art, culture, resources, war, wealth, security, equality, architecture, farming, production, history, family, language.We just have to make our decision & go for it all together,that's why we are social & that's what a society always should do.



  • I'll reply everyone's comment once I get back again.Good day everyone.

  • I agree on the principle that if we all chip in with a common cause, we can make things happen. Everyone is either engulfed in their own world or are waiting for someone to make the lead. I like your post and it will make people think more about the "can do" attitude.

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