To Protect Indigenous people world wide!

World Wide Indigenous people world wide are being under minded by Big Corporation's and big Governments . As we move into the 21 century it seam's that Indigenous people are at threat of loosing their way of life. I thing that we need People of the world to help protect Indigenous people way of life. Like living off the land and to stop their Resorses from being riped off by big Government's and Corporation!

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  • My Name is Ron and my grate grand father was Sentimol Indian and he lived in his last day's in snow shoe Pa. He always had gardens and shard the crop with locals and left food in the garden for God's cretuers so that the god's would always let him have food for him and familys! To day we need to make sure thess caltuers have their God giving right's to sustane familys and way of life! Thanks for your time in this matter!

  • This in cludes America , Canada , south America , Alstrailia , China, Rusia, the polar regions as resorces and land is being taken away and this need's to stop world wide!

  • This is been left up to nations some do and some don't , i have to praise the Philippines for their great efforts to protect their indigenous people and make sure the cultures survived. its become very important here. Australia has improved thankfully the biggest threat now is in south America. @Ron i love the old religion of your people, I hope it exists for eternity

  • I object because whether or not to pursue your heritage is an individual choice. You can't promote world democracy by carving out isolated pieces for people to live in.

  • well the life we live in to day is a man made Idea and to day it is coing to an end becuse of greed and self centerdness ! Like the banks and goverments and corporations that undermind people world wide and loot the workers and rip them of blind ! well time is coming that people will in time go back to living of the land after the nexst war!

  • The cultures of indigenous people are just as wonderful as any in the "modernized" world.

  • I object because this idea seems like it is forcing people to embrace their roots and their ancestry, while that certainly isn't what people necessarily want. This idea basically says that all native peoples will have to live as their ancestors have in the past and that they will not be allowed to blend into other cultures.

  • with no order these savages will continue to chop thier own penises of and eat eachother and worship cows

  • Screw the savages!!!!!!!!!

  • Protecting our Ancestors way of life sounds like the impossible but should always be a priority. Saying "screw the savages" says a lot about that person doesn't it.

  • I object because they don't need protection, they need education, health care, security and to be bring in the 21th century with the minimal side effect... Not keeping them in there prehistoric behavior...

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