End Government Run Education

The education system isn't building citizens who are critical thinkers instead it is just making citizens who are more likely to watch television rather than think for themselves. imagine if Hitler had nazi schools funded with tax payer money to promote nazism. Education should be done online competively so kids can pick thier methods of learning and from whom.



  • interesting. Have to think about that one.

  • I object because I do not think that education should be done online. Interacting with peers has been an important part of my personal development. Meeting new people and interacting with people you meet at school has taught me almost as much as my teachers have. But I do agree with you that schools need to be reformed. People should be taught more critical thinking. Interesting idea, but I think that there can probably be a better way of accomplishing the same goals.

  • I agree with both of you! So true, KingofReason1 that schools teach us to become good employees and tax payers and giving away our power to a local deputy. Also, 000001170 is right with the fact that we must interact not only online but also as possible in real.

  • We are talking global or just in one nation? 1000 plus faiths should the POW lose credibility and not be listen to in many other nation? Its best I think he keeps to spreading advice on democratic global issues in my opinion. Please read the paper work on the left hand column especially "About this site" and "How it works"

  • I object because Education online is a stupid idea. People's lives are built on those fundamental socialisation skills that are developed in schooling. I agree that education needs to be based around more of a 'think for yourself' basis, while still teaching the kids important stuff. The kind of thing I am talking about are methods such as the de Bono Thinking Hats.

  • I object because it would most certainly cost more.

  • I object because online education would completely annihilate the social factor of going to school, also some children have a very hard time learning by themselves, or even have problems with staying focused. If more and more children do online schooling, I would imagine they would just give up because they would fall back so much with their course work they would drop out.

  • Before education systems, our ancestors developed their social skills in the workplace. We can do the same. As for those who want the luxury of learning in person, I think society should not be forced to pay for that immense extra expense now that the internet can run education much more competitively and cheaply. And babelfish, of course this applies globally.

  • I object because Education is a human right. The Scots were the first civilisation to reach universal literacy. The subsequent contribution to humanity will never be surpassed. Many parts of the world have now caught up to Scotlands achievement but many still have a way to go. Africa, South America, The Middle East and Afghanistan are cases in point. In first world coutries there is a move towards user pays which is alarming. Japan holds its teachers up high with the greatest respect - this needs to be copied around the world.

    Education is not indoctrination - do not deal in lies. Just ask Rudyard Kipling.

  • I object because of a lack of demonstrated consideration of the spectrum of consequences of the propasition.

  • I object because face-to-face teaching, even if just one-on-one, is the best way for a child to learn.

  • I object because I think we need more resources and support for publicly funded education; not less.

  • I object because the major problem with educational systems is privatization. An educational system needs to be government regulated to ensure that the best education is provided for students of all ages. However, the educational system is in need of some drastic changes, the educational system that is in place now does not offer enough. It limits the mind and the potential of a young person.

  • I object because the problem with the education system is not so much that it's run by the government but rather which persons in the government are given the responsibility of running it. While I agree that the quality of public education has taken a dive, privatizing education is not the solution.

  • Children are too young to know what their learning options are and privatising schools makes them less accessable for poorer children.

  • I object because that is why I pay taxes. I expect every child to benefit from a free government funded education system.

  • I object because there is an education system in which people can choose their method of learning and their teachers. It's called college. Having school online just perpetuates the bad habits of sitting around all day with one's eyes glued to a computer. It's important to have physical schools, if for no other reason, so that people can get outside every once in a while.

  • There is already a private education system and by the way Hitler did have nazi ideas taught in schools and other than that they were great schools.

  • I object because this has to be a joke, public education, gives every child the minimum necessary skills in todays society, yes it requires improvement not removal.

  • Great hmaemr of Thor, that is powerfully helpful!

  • good jobb

  • I object because this way of education takes away the social experience that every human needs to be healthy in that respect. We are growing intelligent at an incredible rate that ever before because of the internet, but technology is making us distant physically. Perhaps a reform of the schools themselves, (Fixing the problems, instead of ignoring it all together) would be more appropriate.

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