Global Space Program

ALL nations of the world should work together to reach even more amazing feats in space exploration, ie. Putting a human on Mars. Each nation should get the option of being able to contribute to space exploration.



  • Give the world something other than wars to focus on.

  • You mean like they do now, but simply choose not too because they don't want to spend the money?

  • I believe all nations of the world should work together to make sure humanity can survive the next few hundred years, which isn't the case right now. Once we'll have ensured that the Earth can welcome complex life beyond the 21st century, I'll agree to invest massively into projects which could potentially yield useful results within a thousand years or so.

  • I object because of what I've just written below...

  • Good idea, but there's plenty to work on here before we go abandoning the dying Earth for a Mars colony because we haven't learned how to live in harmony with nature.

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