All Drugs Legalized

If you lehalize all drugs, you will end up saving millions of lives, lives are destroyed when inocent people are put into cages, drug gangs, mexican drug cartels killing each other, the use of drugs declines when they are legal and people are more likely to get rehab. I for one don,t use drugs because i think thier bad for you, i also think smoking, and drinking are bad for you, if we make everything that are bad for you illegal we would have more crimes and coruption.



  • Totally an utterly a silly idea and you really need to do more research, safe drugs like cannabis, nicotine and those that are less of a health risk taken in moderation yes. But can assure you that there are some very potent and nasty drugs out there that completely ruin peoples lives. There are also some dreadful lowlife that do not care whom dies from some of these mostly designer drugs and cocaine and poppy juice.

    If you legalize drugs it will do the opposite of what you think, the criminal will change the criminal trade. More people will get addicted, crime rates will soar, more people will die. I would back the legalization of cannabis, but nothing else.

  • Nicotine isn't that good either. If you treat drug addiction as a medical problem LIKE YOU ALREADY DO with alcohol and tobacco, it can be fixed. If you treat it as a criminal offence, that solves nothing.

  • I object because if all drugs are made legal it will ruin many people's lives. It may reduce crime rates but, it will also increase death rates from people who will OD. Lesser drugs like marijuana should be made legal but harder drugs like heroin or meth should stay illegal. Governments shouldn't have made these drugs in the first place.

  • I could ruin my life in a thousand and one ways. It's really not an issue of protecting people from themselves, [even though the socio-cultural impact of de-criminalisation is positive every time] do you really believe you need the government protecting you from heroin? That is to say, would you and "many people" suddenly run out and take heroin if the government wasn't protecting you? Of course you wouldn't, but criminal cartels would suddenly lose their source of revenue. And what's the number one reason why teenagers take illicit drugs? Because they are easier to buy than alcohol. Eliminate the criminals and you eliminate the abuse. Alcohol prohibition proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Here's an interesting point, in the church of Santo Daime, when people catch their kids smoking weed, taking crystal meth or even drinking alcohol god forbid, what do they do?
    They take them down to the church and give them a hallucinogen containing DMT. That's a class A drug. This removes the chemical and the emotional dependence they had on whatever they were taking before. And it's not addictive.
    Think about that, a non addictive cure for heroin addiction is in the same legal category as heroin. And why? Because it's enjoyable. Big Pharma is trying to remove the euphoric properties of THC so they can patent a legal marijuana. They may tell you they're not trying to spoil your fun. But then, they used to tell us that money doesn't grow on trees. Well it turns out it does, and they are.

    Homosexuals have more rights and respect than consenting drug users. Dyslexics are no longer pariahs. The suffragettes got the vote. All were put in prisons or asylums for reasons considered to be self evident. Yet it requires a more tenuous explanation to justify drug laws.

    And if I were to defend drug use in court, I would have to defend it as a sincere religious ritual. And the onus is on me to prove the sincerity. And why? Because choice and consent are not good enough for people like you. You tell me how to prove something as nebulous as sincerity when these people don't even respond to health ministers resigning from office due to widespread, ubiquitous, government sponsored, science denial.

    Drug laws are so ludicrously counter productive any rational person could only conclude they were made that way by design.

    Babelfish, I'm shocked you could say that, I'm sure you once stated that you had lived in Holland. 'nuf said.

    It's all too easy to say don't impose your beliefs on others when talking about religion but that is exactly what you're doing every time you defend prohibition. If it is really so bad, it would have been illegal long before 1971. Give me the freedom to 'ruin my life', I give you yours.

  • I completely and totally disagree with the legalizing of drugs... just imagine the torrent of young people that will take advantage of drugs that are easy to get... when it is their RIGHT to smoke or inject whatever they want into their bodies. The very idea of legalizing drugs is rediculous.

  • I think you are confusing rights with privileges. We already have the right to consume drugs. It's a little something called human rights, you may have heard of it. We have not the privilege to do so. That's a little something called violation of human rights.

    Also, you may want to consult Portugal and Holland before touting alarmist theories on what people will do if you restore their God given freedoms.

  • I do agree with the legalization of all drugs that naturally grow on this earth, however there are ALOT of ways that humans can chemically alter things that "just get us high". These substance's are often extremely dangerous and damaging to the body. Now I don't agree with "babysitting" laws, but alot of the human created substance's can get you hooked after the first time you try it. That being said I think that if it naturally grows in the ground then you don't have a right to regulate it.

  • As an American, I think I suffer most from myopic drug laws. Do they not understand simple economics? They attack the supply, not the demand, and they think that's practical? hahaha

  • Of course we would have more crimes if more things were illegal. This is a logical correlation. there is also a logical correlation between the disparity of wealth and crime rates, and in places where drugs are legal, there is generally a higher GDP than places with drug cartels killing each other. There are no laws against the production of rubber, but we've certainly still had people killing each other over it.

  • How did any of you opposing this even find this site?

  • This is one thing that everyone needs to understand...people who want to do drugs do they are legal or not. Instead of creating criminals by jailing innocent people who are choosing to slowly kill themselves by taking hard drugs, we should decriminalize all drugs. Crime rates will drop, corporations might stop pushing dangerous prescription pills, and we could even tax on things like marijuana. The death tole might rise, but the people who will die are the ones who choose to in the first place by choosing to, the result will be the cream of the crop rising to the top. Our world is already an overpopulated crime riddled place. Through the decriminalization of drugs the scum of our society will be whipped out by there own hand, and a new better global peace loving society can be born.

    My personal thoughts on drugs not from experience but from research: if it grows from the earth its ok, if it came out of a lab its not. LSD is something that has potential to open up new mental pathways. Heroine, Ecstasy, and Meth are terrible and should of never been created. Marijuana should of never been illegal in the first place. Cocaine in moderation isn't necessarily terrible, however moderation with cocaine is nearly impossible.

  • YES YES YES....LEGALIZE IT ALL!!! Corrupt govt. has NO BUSINESS telling me what I can or cannot do with my OWN BODY!!!! Prohibition is causing MONUMENTAL issues in pain management, for those who depend on narcotics to get through their miserable days. Now because of the ridiculous, control-freak dictators who want to control every aspect of our LIVES with their ineffective and unfair "war on drugs" (which is improperly named, as it is quite actually a "war on PEOPLE")... now PM patients have to JUMP THROUGH HOOPS to get the medications they so desperately need. Sometimes even after all the hoop jumping and unnecessary b.s., they STILL end up undermedicated or not medicated at ALL!!! THIS MUST END NOW!!!!!!! No wonder so many are turning to the STREETS!

  • The ONLY reason they're not legalized is because BIG BROTHER doesn't like the competition! And neither does big PHARMA. It's all about the almighty dollar, and always HAS been! A basic Libertarian belief is that one should have the right to live without government interference into their lives- and do whatever they will with their own bodies. Unless it DIRECTLY affects another. And since laws and prohibition AREN'T going to stop those that really want/need narcotics or weed.... that alone should prove that govt. is all about making our lives as miserable as possible and controlling/ meddling in every aspect of it. As if they OWN us!

  • This is sooo idiotic as you will also legalize pot and marajuana and cocaine killing MORE people. Idiot

  • This guy is freaking crazy and i disagree 'cause hkjiohyhiecdgicoq4uhhjih897gt857 whoops had to bang my freaking head off the keybord for another stupid topic

  • I object because the abuse of drugs can cause the abuser to violate the rights of others. The drug takes away the persons ability to act responsibly

  • I object because a lot of people have a latent psychological disorder that drugs can arouse.

  • I think its a relatively good idea, although i would say not ALL drugs should be legal, such as i forget what its called but its sort of a natural mind control drug that grows naturally in mexico. but things like cannabis, LSD, Cocaine etc etc should be legal because it takes the power away from the gangs and criminals and at the same time has the potential to create an entire new industry which in turn would create jobs and free up or reduce the amount of spaces occupied in our prison systems

  • I object because this over simplifies addiction and the impact of intoxication on society. Live a year with an addict then we will talk. Deal with an addict in the workplace (unionized). Lose a loved one to a driver high on meth. Spend a month with a drug addicted new born, 24x7. Try and teach a kid the day after they had to call 911 so their loved did not die of alcohol poisoning.
    Then pay for the mental health issues (psychotic episodes, schizophrenia, tooth lose, liver disease etc).

  • I object because drugs can ruin people's lives. Making all drugs legal will simply make them more accessible.

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