False Hopes

should we not follow the idea the every one is the same when it comes to rights liberties and freedom. that every one from birth is on that equal playing feild. so that a person must strive to further them selves.

Equal for what purpose? Bettering themselves how? Millions of people entitled to pollute and consume adds up. I think the current system and the peoples perception of freedom and logic are 100% nuts. I do not believe in God, but if I did, I would ask: Does God really want us working in exponential numbers at tainting the world? Does God want us to be slaves to work, money, and insanity? Is Jesus teaching us how to clean up this planet, or is it all an excuse to blind ourselves in a fake self satisfaction while pacifying reality and thought towards something worthwhile: Freedom Earth and all life forces on this planet. The foundation must be fixed. (I live in Georgia and the people are taught and passionately spread reverse logic) It is beyond time to get these people out of this country. (I am of Native American origin) (I am also of many other origins) How can people go along with all of these lies and pretend all is okay? How can people be happy in an illusion? They are all lost and blind.


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  • In reference to your obviously irritated statement of: "get these people out of this country".
    If that is the best solution you can propose to the problem of "how are so many people going to be afforded equality of opportunity" I'm afraid you'll have to go a lot deeper towards the root of the problem.
    It is impossible to solve this problem by simply moving people with false beliefs about the face of the planet. Apparently, they have every right to their own existences under our Sun. Even plants have as much opportunity and right to exist as we do on our planet. Modern society, such as it is, may indeed be a terrible and bleak blight upon the landscape, yet it is all we can manage to eke out an existence after hundreds of years of constant striving.
    Yes, nature is great, and it's nice to be in unspoiled environments, but as to addressing humanity's greater purpose a life which is so close to nature as to leave no impact is inadequate. I posit that the inadequacies inherent in this mode of existence ought to be evident because even stone-age peoples had a great impact on their environment.
    We occupy an incredibly privileged position in our ecosystem, and that we act upon it as a macro-scale virus in terms of our overall modern impact makes no difference to the fact that we have become co-creators of our own reality from the moment we made the evolutionary achievements of sentience, then intelligence, to climb to the dizzying heights of stochastic sapience we now occupy.
    What I'm saying is that life is to be enjoyed. Don't be disheartened that others are wilfully ignorant. They will only let their vision be unclouded when they are ready. You can only show them it is long past time through leading the way into the future by example. Hopefully this will also show you a path to happiness in trailblazing for others.

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