War for Freedom

Instead of people worshiping a Jesus who forgives sin, I believe God should worship people and people should worship the Earth. If the people stopped using forgiveness to excuse themselves to insanity then maybe we could start guiding ourselves toward replacing bad habits with intelligent habits for the planet, its life, and one another. Basically, people should respect and give credit to the abundance of life the Earth brings forth to them. Instead of thanking God for food, why not think the animal they are eating for providing food for them? Time for a religion that promotes respect for the Earths well-being and the quality of resources on this planet directly. If we recognize the significance of Earth, its life, diversity, and its many creatures, we can begin making sound choices and overcome the systems in place teaching us an illusion of freedom. Nothing free about damaging the Earth. Not much free about dependence on manufactured food when we could concentrate entirely on tearing down this infestation of intelligence and begin a free system in line with clean technology, abundance of food, and a true religion working towards our and natures direct benefit. Once the people learn to work towards themselves in alignment to this planet by setting up systems that are logical for abundance of food, clean water, and freedom through turning away from business monopolies, government, military, advertisement, and tainted logic we can begin to bring back the pure spirit of what once was so free and healthy. The president is not in control, nor business, nor defeating thought possesses. The people are in control. We are brave, we are strong, and smart. We will figure it out the radical way and flourish in honest moral and purpose. The people will turn away from the insane and build a new foundation at once. This is how we fight. In numbers, competent, fearless, and for the freedom of our planet. Because it has been and is in trouble. It needs us and we need it for purity, freedom, and true happiness.



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