freedoms, liberties, and rights

should we not follow the idea the every one is the same when it comes to rights liberties and freedom. that every one from birth is on that equal playing feild. so that a person must strive to further them selves.



  • its the moderation of that factor that's the problem, if the moderators are greedy elitist then elitist become more equal than those they believe are beneath them. Your question as been asked through out the centuries. Equality has been improved and that's due to improvement of education and intelligence of the masses. However I can not see too much light at the end of the tunnel whilst the greedy elitist have the power.

  • That is part of democracy and a very hard thing for the POW to get over to those national governments that have different ideas on who and what those liberties and freedoms should be. But with enough whispers in is ear it will be a big shout because its absolutely the right thing to promote

  • Obvious troll -or an incredible lack of humanity.

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  • ANOTHER AGENDA I SEE, WOW OKI DOKI THEN PEOPLE, WHY????? WHY? WHY? WHY? ENOUGH WITH YOUR AGENDAS OF HUMMMM EGGS ACT LEE WHAT? Thought this was about being a human being first, not a critic. We have been asked to add to this forum, ADD is the key word, end of. SHAME you made read this and smile, I say smile and then cut and paste, must be famous... the infection has begun again, wow love that, love human being's still claim the human race is the key.Highly questionable Races are for who, humans? I am smiling at witty non intellect talk talk talk being displayed in a manner in which is sad to say the least, I smile when sad, do you? I know u smile but why, in this moment? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE IDEAL OF EQUALITY? DID ANYONE ASK THE MEANING OF EQUALITY OR HAS THIS WORD WITHIN THIS FORUM YET TO BE DEFINED? Now come on being's, challenge you to a real answer to the question, maybe it's a question or maybe it's THE ANSWER yet name calling is sad, Adults are we? I am yet I wonder if I am in fact alone.

  • being equal at birth is easy, the problem presents itself when one person " human being " strives himself further than others, thus bringing us back to the cycle. Fact is people are not equal. Everyone is unique, it makes us human. what we need to understand and learn is to respect one another and remove the immoralities of society. ( I make no claim as to what morals are right or wrong !! that is up to the majority of people in whatever day and age we live in. Roman empires time killing for pleasure was accepted, enforcing one religion during the crusades, 1700's slaves were accepted murdering men was bad, 1800's 30 yr old men marrying 12 yr old girls was accepted history is full of atrocities that were acceptable in the time, things we all deem unjust and unworthy today, Morals and views change decade to decade. the majority rules!! i have no clue what the masses will deem just tomorrow.)

  • sorry got off topic there a bit, anyways saying that, once one person strives to become a better individual, what do we do take it all away?

  • God creates humans, in many shades..this is an interesting question, and challenging, to give a short answer to. >no. people are NOT endowed, with the same skills, cognitive abilities, nor talents, and becomes necessary, to have some, as "their brother's keeper".....a BENEVOLANT brother....who would take advantage, of Poor Lenny...but only guide, and counsel him wisely.

  • * sorry, a typo, of omission.. * A BENEVOLANT BROTHER WHO WOULD NOT take advantage of his, brother of lesser cognitive function. NO MAN, WOMAN, nor child, should be treated as a beast of the labor or cow-tow to the benefit or luxury of another, being. * IN SOME aspects, we may, philisophically define, a (level playing field) for Earth, but..*like the Special Olympics? adjustments MUST be allowed and considered on a variety of levels. Thanks for allowing my comments, on this platform. * I applaud the existence of this forum, to the improvement and betterment of humanity...

  • Equal for what purpose? Bettering themselves how? Millions of people entitled to pollute and consume adds up. I think the current system and the peoples perception of freedom and logic are 100% nuts. I do not believe in God, but if I did, I would ask: Does God really want us working in exponential numbers at tainting the world? Does God want us to be slaves to work, money, and insanity? Is Jesus teaching us how to clean up this planet, or is it all an excuse to blind ourselves in a fake self satisfaction while pacifying reality and thought towards something worthwhile: Freedom Earth and all life forces on this planet. The foundation must be fixed. (I live in Georgia and the people waste and are taught reverse logic) It is beyond time to get these people out of this country. (I am of Native American origin) (I am also of many other origins) How can people go along with all of these lies and pretend all is okay?

  • I object because your perception of an equal playing field and vagueness of striving to further themselves is out of whack by all standards I have witnessed the past 28 years. (I am 30; my first memory was at 3 years old.) My entire recall of human life in the U.S.A. is utter insanity. The people are so far lost they gradually are killing themselves morally and physically. They are all in denial and striving towards implanted ideology of working towards an illusion of freedom. Unless you are off the grid and drive a battery car (we have a coal power plant) (The sky is smoggy) you are exhausting pollutants directly into the air. People work for that cause. The highways are traffic jammed twice a day at rush hour and constantly flowing otherwise. This is what work funds. This is what the cause does. Run your car in your garage all day and tell me there is not a problem when millions run their cars every day. The cause kills you.

  • I really apcrepiate this post. I've been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again! Every time we remember to say thank you, we experience nothing less than heaven on earth. by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

  • This should emphatically be acknowledged by all beings who wish to remain on this planet.

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