Trash Sollutions

Littering is posted on signs as against the law and it should not be. Litter when exposed to the Earth's elements will break back down into the soil. However, when trash is compiled to a dump the waste insulates itself to the natural biodegrading process making it last forever. Expressing the littering laws backwards logic to the overall big picture of Earths well being, I propose laws to fix the presence of waste altogether. Replacing the need for paper, plastic, and other disposable materials reusable containers will become law and used as habit to prevent trash build up in landfills. Reusable cloth bags will be mandatory for take home groceries. Reusable take home containers will be required at the responsibility of the consumers if they wish to take food home from restaurants. Napkins will also be converted to reusable cloths responsible by the consumer. To eliminate paper waste: a small monitor devise will be kept by every person to show the news. This will eliminate daily paper waste from newspapers. Monitor device will be powered by solar energy.

Idea for the world


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