Removal of corporate money from all govt decision making

As long as companies are allowed to influence elections they will be able to buy law thus preventing real progress for the greater good of all. It should be considered an illegal act for any corporation to be able to donate money to any candidate running for any office , and special interest groups should be declared illegal. The penalties for breaking this law should be harsh such as to be considered an act of treason to the peoples trust, and a violation to the common good of all. Any candidate who accepts donations from public and or private corporations should be removed from the ballot and subject to a minimum of 5 years in prison and never allowed to run for public office again. The only way for true democracy to flourish is the removal of the money from the equation, thus those who seek public office will not have any conflicts of interest and will truly be running to serve the people, not just an elite few with deep pockets. Its time that the world governments started showing the people they govern that ethics still exist and that even the lowest income person can feel heard. Its time for real law by the people for the people to exist.



  • Corperations break laws all the time, i already know how to get around that law, and if i know imagine how much easier it will be for most corperations, laws only work on the 99% very rarely do they ever reach the 1%

  • I object because it wont stop the coruption, only the average citizen

  • Just because you "might" get around an idea, doesn't make it a bad idea.

  • i would suggest Plato is a very good read concerning the senate form of governance, it system is very prone to corruption. Its the governance system that needs changing to a parliamentary such as seen in UK. It still can be corrupted but much less than the senate system. The system of general elections would also be better run on the UK system. But better still enhanced enhanced further to stop methods of corruption. if the president is treated as a ambassador figure head with know political power. The system would work fine and that's for sure

  • If there was a world government it could be designed on the same principle

  • Absolutely first rate and cpoepr-bottomed, gentlemen!

  • KingofReason1 "I object because it wont stop the coruption, only the average citizen"

    Exactly how so?

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