Plant more trees

While "talking" about global warming all the time and how we can reduce harmful emissions why don't we plant more trees. It's not that hard. There's plenty of space for them and they cool the atmosphere. Seems to me the planet is feeling the pinch because we chopped down too many native forests (ok I hear you ... apart from other issues) . Not only will it cool the planet but it will also provide more shelter for our wildlife.



  • fair enough. it's being done, just not as fast as they're coming down...

  • Should go a the top of the list and i for one will plant more tree's in my garden

  • I object because planting more trees is not the issue. It's being done where it can. The issue is saving forests from destruction and prevention of monoculture.

  • what is stopping you going out and doing it. why do you need my money to do it

  • Yes. A Nobel went to a woman in Africa for teaching this very idea.
    There. See how smart you are!

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